1,000 more community schools for girls will be established in the next school year

PESHAWAR: The Primary and Secondary Education Foundation (ESEF) will establish an additional 1,000 girls’ community schools in the next academic year to enroll out-of-school children in targeted areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

The announcement was made during the launch ceremony of ESEF’s annual performance report. The event was attended by community school students and their parents.

The Minister of Primary and Secondary Education of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Shahram Khan Tarakai, was the guest of honor on this occasion. The ceremony was also delivered by Education Secretary Mutasim Billah and ESEF Director General Zariful Maani.

Speaking to Dawn, Zariful Maani said that ESEF would establish schools in localities where there was no public school at a distance of 500 meters in hilly areas and one kilometer in hilly areas. plan. “Although the schools are for girls, in many of these schools the foundation has also enrolled boys due to the lack of schools for them,” he said.

ESEF schools will upgrade to middle and upper levels in two years

He said that so far these schools have been providing education up to primary level, but the foundation will also start establishing secondary and secondary schools on this model over the next two years.

Some of the success stories of the brilliant passed out students from community schools were shown on the big screen and the students received medals and shields at the ceremony.

Presenting the report, Mr. Maani highlighted the performance of the foundation. The foundation has produced exemplary results over the past year. He said a total of 2,219 community schools were operating in 26 districts in the province and the number would cross 3,000 with the establishment of another 1,000 such schools. He said 500 community schools were established in 2021.

Mr. Maani said 154,650 students were enrolled in community schools where 3,172 teachers provided them with an education.

He said the foundation had settled unpaid salaries worth Rs 850 million in the last year. He said the salary of community school teachers had increased from Rs15,000 to Rs21,000. Teacher salaries would be further increased on the basis of qualification and performance, he added.

Maani said the full digitization of ESEF was another important achievement of the foundation to ensure transparency. The digital profiling of 3,000 teachers and 145,000 students has been carried out while the online presence of 130,000 students is ensured daily.

Addressing the function, Shahram Khan Tarkai said the foundation was set up to enroll out-of-school children in areas where formal government schools were not available.

He appreciated Zariful Maani’s efforts and said that after his appointment, the performance of the foundation has improved significantly.

Mr. Tarkai said that in view of the excellent performance of the foundation, talented students from its schools have been included in the scholarship programs run by the provincial government.

He said basic school students enroll on merit for higher education in various educational institutions.

He said that from next year, the government would upgrade foundation schools at middle and upper level where education would be provided to students from grade six.

The minister said that due to the digitization of the foundation’s entire system, all of its data is now available online. “As a result of the excellent performance, a budget of more than 2,200 million rupees has been released while this year also a budget of one billion rupees has been allocated to the foundation,” he added.

Posted in Dawn, March 15, 2022

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