An NGO seeks to include sign language in the school curriculum

A non-governmental organization, Friends Of People With Disability, has called on the Lagos State government to include sign language in the school curriculum, for educational inclusiveness for people with physical disabilities across the state.

Speaking at the recent launch of the Sign Language Club in Lagos, FOPWD Executive Director Aku Orduh said the initiative was a way to celebrate barrier children who had defied the rigors of disability while striving to learn a language.

In his assessment of the sign language system in Nigeria, Orduh said: “Today, knowledge of sign language is an advantage in gaining employment in some establishments, just as computer knowledge was. a few years ago, when the computer was not common. too.

”Lagos State has taken viable and valuable steps to show that sign language is necessary for workplaces to meet people’s needs.

”We recommend and urge the Lagos State Government to include sign language in its school curriculum.

“More so, continuous assessment in primary and secondary schools is not based only on the core subjects of the class, therefore, continuous assessment can take into account the knowledge of sign language that a child acquired before leaving school.

The group also said it has embarked on a series of public and enlightenment campaigns across Lagos State, reaching hundreds of people with disabilities and helping them to overcome the stereotype of social discrimination and stigma. segregation.

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