Bauchi bans male and female students from studying together – The Sun Nigeria

From Fred Ezeh, Abuja

From Monday, male and female secondary school students in five towns in Bauchi state are prohibited from studying together in a single classroom or participating in other extracurricular activities together, it said. the state government.

The state government lamented that immorality, especially sexual immorality, was on the rise in secondary schools in the state, hence the decision to separate male and female students in all secondary schools.

State Education Commissioner Dr Aliyu Tilde confirmed the state government’s decision in an interview with BBC Hausa Service last week.

He revealed that the first phase of the decision will take place in all secondary schools in Bauchi, Misau, Ningi, Jama’are, Azare regions, while others will join them soon.

He said: “We made this decision to promote morality among secondary school children, especially those at the age of puberty who have started experimenting with sex and other activities at school. Some of the actions of these children are against our religion and culture, hence the need for the decision to protect and guide them properly.

“We have had issues with sexual immorality in Bauchi State especially over the last 10 years. At one time minor children of the same class were getting married and it was even reported in the media.

“If we let this continue, it will erode the gains we have made in education over the past 60 years. It will also result in parents pulling their daughters out of school and locking them at home, and you know the implications of such a move.

“Undoubtedly, God created them male and female, and predictably they should be attracted to each other, but that will only be for the purposes of marriage and nothing else.

“So letting these male and female students study together in one classroom or engage in extracurricular activities together will not be good for us in the state, hence the decision to separate them so that they can each other. focus and stay away from sexual immorality.”

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