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In an effort to mitigate the loss of learning caused by Covid-19, the Center has prepared a Learning Recovery Plan (LRP) for the 2022-23 academic session, according to a letter sent by the Ministry of Education to all states and UT.

Under this plan, the Center will provide additional financial support to States as a “one-off measure” for several initiatives, including 10,000 for tablets to 2.5 million primary school teachers under its flagship product Samagra Siksha Abhiyan (SSA).

In the letter sent on February 1, the ministry said: “To mitigate the impact of the pandemic, it was imperative to have an urgent and appropriate strategy to ensure the learning continuum.”

The plan emphasizes taking several steps, including identifying out-of-school and dropout children; preparation of child registers at district level; recovery plans based on the 2021 National Achievement Survey (NAS) report card; 100% delivery of books and uniform; and weekly schedule of learning outcomes to be achieved.

States and UTs were urged to incorporate the LRP guidelines when preparing their Annual Work Plan and Budget (AWP&B) for the 2022-23 session and also include them in their Project Approval Committee proposals (PAB) which will be submitted to the Ministry of Education. for final approval.

Under the SSA scheme, the Center and the States share the finances in a ratio of 60:40. In the northeastern states of Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand, the ratio is 90:10. In this year’s budget, the Ministry of Finance allocated a large part of the expenditure to schools ( 37,383.36 crore) to the SSA scheme.

A senior Ministry of Education official said, “States and UTs can incorporate these interventions into their PAB (SSA) proposals for 2022-23. The ministry will review the proposals and approve them accordingly.

The ministry also offered financial support of 6.40 lakh non-recurring and 2.40 lakh as a recurrent cost for Information and Communications Technology (ICT) facilities at each Block Resource Center (BRC).

Educator Meeta Sengupta said: “The new guidelines aim to ensure that learning continues even if schools are disrupted. While any additional funding is welcome, training support for interrupted apprenticeships is more important. “These guidelines should be seen as a starting point in our commitment to learning,” Sengupta said.

According to data shared by the department on Thursday, schools have fully reopened in 11 states/UTs and partially reopened in 16 states/UTs. Only nine states/UTs have yet to reopen schools.


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