Columbia High School Principal’s Update on January Classroom Activities

From Columbia High School Principal Frank Sanchez on January 29:

Columbia High School will kick off the course selection process for next year this month. We hope the monthly updates have highlighted some of the great courses we offer here at Columbia High School. Here are a few more courses that stood out this month.

Photography. It’s always nice when traveling around campus to find students doing their own schoolwork. An example of this is what these students do to Photography lesson from Mr. Jon Fisher.

What you see are students who captured images through trial and error. They can’t see through the camera, so they get closer to their eyesight and exposure times, which can range from 5 seconds to several minutes depending on the lighting. It also allows them to create “ghost” images if they photograph a person who is only in the picture for half the exposure time and walks away! Then they develop the negative on photographic paper in the darkroom, retake the photo and adjust the exposure time or composition if necessary. Then they create a positive image from the negative image and can implement cool effects in the darkroom to enhance their images if they wish! So funny!

Bandaged. During the aforementioned concert, Mr Bauer discussed how percussion students have their own class every day. It sounded so good that I came over the other day, and loved watching an impromptu concert (which I think was sponsored by Home Depot – I’m just saying.) Watch it here on YouTube!

Physical education. With the weather as cold as it is, students still have great choices for indoor physical education classes. For example, in Fitness class from Ms. Molly Maggiore, students enjoyed some yoga stretches. What’s particularly cool is that Ms. Maggiore asked the students to use our Polar GoFit technology. It is a live heart rate monitoring system that allows the instructor to safely guide each student towards an individual fitness goal.

world history 2. In The class of Mr. Matthew Borkowski, his freshmen held mini-salons in which students adopted the role of a 17th- or 18th-century philosopher or scientist, then acted out conversation scenarios for their classmates to guess who they were. The session I watched below was awesome in which Locke, Voltaire, Hobbes and Descartes debated the Biden administration’s vaccine mandate!

world languages. In the curriculum, you will see that we offer the following languages ​​at CHS: Spanish, French, Italian and Chinese. It’s just great to see that the World Languages ​​curriculum also models the values ​​of our community. The French bulletin board below in the D-Wing highlights how our underclasses believe in anti-hate activism.

Math course. Our students were on the bus revising for mid-term exams this week. In mathematics and science, students follow trimesters. The first and second quarters average the midterm score while the 3rd and 4th scoring periods constitute the score for the final. Our CHS instructors who teach the same sections work together to create quarterly ones, ensuring consistent assessment for all Algebra 2 students, for example.

Co-teachers Ms. Esther Han and Mr. William Keegan work together to ensure their students are ready for their midterm geometry class. They form one of Columbia’s great co-teacher pairs.

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