Eileen Gu and Zhu Yi Face Backlash Over Changing Nationality at 2022 Winter Olympics

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With the Winter Olympics in Beijing in full swing, two athletes, skier Eileen Gu and figure skater Zhu Yi, have been trending in two different spheres of social media.

The two California-born athletes have been heavily criticized for changing nationalities to compete for China.

Gu, an 18-year-old Stanford freshman from San Francisco, make history as the youngest Olympic champion in freestyle skiing. Most Americans have been celebrate online, but conservative commentators are outraged at his decision to “switch sides” and win gold for China.

“It’s ungrateful for her to turn her back on the country that not only raised her, but turned her into a world-class skier,” said a right wing podcaster in an interview with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson. “I hope Eileen Gu likes living in China, what a traitor. Born in San Francisco, CA and competing for Chinese money. Get out!” someone wrote on twitter.

Gu’s response to enemies? “Cry over it”, she wrote on TikTok after a commentator asked her why she hadn’t competed for the United States.

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