FCT: No child will be denied access to education, assures the boss of the UBEB

FCT Universal Basic Education President Dr. Hussan Sule assured that no child living in the territory will be denied access to education no matter where they live or come from.

Dr Sule, who was answering questions about the ongoing teachers’ strike in Bwari, Kwali and Kuje Regional Councils, said the FCT administration (FCTA) had worked hard to ensure that no student under the age of school is denied access to education in the territory.

He said: “The FCTA makes every effort to ensure that every school-aged child residing in the FCT has access to free and compulsory basic education in accordance with the UBE Act 2004”.

To achieve this, Dr. Sule said the council has carried out periodic mobilization and sensitization campaigns in most of the communities to improve children’s participation in basic education in order to reduce children’s syndrome to a minimum. not enrolled in the FCT.

Dr. Sule noted that the move improved enrollment in the territory, forcing the administration to establish more primary and secondary schools to meet basic educational needs.

He added: “The council is also ensuring equity by promoting inclusive education for all categories of learners and ensuring quality by improving school facilities such as additional classrooms, teacher training and the provision of various educational materials, including staff motivation, for better delivery of basic education. in the CTF.”

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