Government lists bars and churches as new vaccination sites

By Tony Abet

The government has stepped up its vaccination campaign and appealed to private companies and religious institutions to conduct mass vaccination against Covid-19 to increase absorption and save thousands of doses of the ‘expiry.

The health ministry said the new campaign should be able to exhaust doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine, a total of around 67,000, before they expire on September 30. Stores (NMS) and have not yet been distributed across the country.

The new centers are being opened by the respective city and district authorities to increase access to jabs, as reported by the ministry.

Health ministry staff Dr Diana Atwine said in a press release on Friday that the campaign in the Kampala metropolitan area, which covers the districts of Kampala city, Wakiso and Mukono, begins tomorrow and will run until Friday October 1 using AstraZeneca. and Pfizer vaccines, and later Sinovac.

Dr Atwine said the exercise begins at 8:30 a.m. at 58 vaccination points across the Kampala metropolitan area.
“The rest of the country [will come in] the following week using Moderna, AstraZeneca and Sinovac, ”she said.

“The goal is to immunize the 4.8 million people in priority groups by the end of December as one of the main pillars of the safe opening of schools in January next year, and in preparation for the third expected wave, “said Dr Atwine.


The exercise will target high-risk groups, which include people aged 50 and over, people over 18 with underlying medical conditions including diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, kidney disease, and hepatic. Other priority groups include health workers, teaching and non-teaching staff, security staff, and post-secondary students aged 18 and over at the earliest opportunity.

The government acquired those 2.9 million doses of vaccine this month with donations from the United States of America, France and Belgium. He is expecting more doses of Sinovac from China.

Health ministry spokesman Emmanuel Ainebyoona said vaccines in NMS stores have a longer shelf life, unlike the 67,000 that the government is trying to use up by September 30.

Dr Alfred Driwale, head of the immunization program at the Department of Health, said the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines will expire around January next year, but they will all run out as the country rushes to vaccinate 22 million people. people to reopen the economy safely.

Dr Atwine said in the statement that everyone who begins vaccination will receive the Pfizer vaccine as their first dose and, after one month, will receive their second dose of Pfizer again.

“Everyone who has started with AstraZeneca and needs a second dose after two or three months will receive AstraZeneca in the same places. People who have started the vaccination with Sinovac and who are due to receive the second dose will be informed shortly of their due date, ”she added.

The accountant said plans to deplete and give more doses to districts are continuing, districts and other municipal authorities are advised to use similar camp approaches to reach target populations through mobilization. intensified using community structures.

She advised them to use the Village Covid-19 working groups, VHTs, LCs, among others, and that leaders should communicate the vaccination points where the camps will be undertaken.

Kampala Capital Authority (KCCA) spokesperson Daniel Nuwabine said they are teaming up with Uganda Breweries and Coca-Cola Uganda to increase vaccination.

He said they still had 2,000 of the 100,000 doses of AstraZeneca they had received from NMS, but that 350,000 doses of Pfizer had been allocated to Kampala City. The government received just over 1.6 million doses of Pfizer on Monday.

“…. KCCA Executive Director Ms. Dorothy Kisaka launched a campaign with partners [on Wednesday] promote awareness and mobilization for vaccination. We congratulate Uganda Breweries Ltd (UBL), Coca-Cola Uganda and Knight Frank, among others, who facilitated this campaign, ”he said.

Uganda Breweries Ltd said the vaccination took place on Thursday September 23 and Friday September 24 at Kyadondo Rugby Club and Samitto Bar and Lounge, Naalya, Alchemist Kitchen and Bar in Lugogo and Elements Bar and Grill in Ntinda, all in the metro area. from Kampala. Zoned.

Vaccination takes place between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., and all a person needs to receive the life-saving vaccine is to wear a national ID, according to a joint opinion from UBL and KCCA.

“Please note that the Uganda Breweries Limited (UBL) vaccination campaign continues. We will resume on Monday with two additional centers; Marie Fifi Recreation Gardens, Mutundwe and Fusion Auto Spa, Munyonyo. The fight is still going on. Let’s get vaccinated, ”the brewing company said yesterday in another tweet.

Mr Nuwabine, however, said there would be no beer sales in the bars as they are still closed.
“We use the bar’s premises for vaccination because that’s where people can converge. People can go to be vaccinated but not necessarily open bars because they are not yet [allowed by government] to open, ”he said.

But KCCA’s list says the aggressive vaccination campaign will take place in many places, including the Kololo airstrip, private hospitals, markets and churches in the city. The ministry also published the list of vaccination centers in Wakiso and Mukono.

Similar arrangements to increase access are also underway in districts in the interior of the country. In Moyo, West Nile, Dr Richard Idro, president of the Uganda Medical Association, said a meeting he held on Friday with district leaders revealed that “the biggest fear is a rumor according to which Covid-19 vaccines will leave an infertile “.

He called on the government to increase awareness about vaccines. Dr Idro also called for sustained mass vaccination in the country.

The country has so far vaccinated 1,807,767 people using 2.1 million doses of vaccine sent to districts by NMSs, and a total of 2.9 million has yet to be distributed.

Vaccination centers in Kampala / KCCA

Division location
Kisenyi HC IV Center
Central town hall clinic
Makerere Central University Hospital
Former Kampala Central Hospital
Central Kamwokya Christian Community Center
Nakasero Central Market
Owino Central Market (St Balikudembe)
Central town square
Kololo central airstrip
Usafi central market
New central taxi park
Old central taxi park
Kawempe Komamboga HCIII
Kawempe Mulago National Referral Hospital
Kawempe National Referral Hospital Kawempe
St Stephen’s Hospital in Kawempe Mpererwe
Kawempe Kisaasi HC CoU
Kawempe Kyadondo Medical Center
Kawempe Wandegeya Market
Kawempe St Paul P / Sch Kyebando
Kawempe Saint-Pierre Kanyanya
Kawempe Makerere Yellow P / Sch
Kawempe St Martin’s P / Sch Mulago
Kawempe Bwaise Community Hall
Kawempe Kawempe Muslim P / Sch
Nakawa Kiswa HC III
Nakawa Naguru Hospital
Nakawa Bukoto HC II
Nakawa Butabika Hospital
Nakawa Ntinda P / Sch
Nakawa Kiswa P / Sch
Nakawa Kyambogo University
Nakawa Mutungo Parents P / Sch
Nakawa Okuva Mbuya Church
Nakawa Eden Mulimira Church
Nakawa St Mbaaga P / Sch Kiwatule
Rubaga Mengo Hospital
Rubaga Namirembe Baby
JEC Rubaga Dispensary
Rubaga Kitebi HC
Archdeconary Rubaga Nateete
Rubaga Kigobe P / Sch
Rubaga Lubaga Hospital
Rubaga Namungoona Orthodox Hospital
Rubaga Busega Kcca SS
Rubaga Queen of Peace
Rubaga Kibuye Market
Makindye St Peter’s Nsambya P / Sch
Makindye St Denis Sebugwawo SS Ggaba
Makindye Seguya Nkere Park
Makindye President Ismail Matovu Place
Makindye Amazon Playgrounds
Makindye Kansanga Seed SS
Makindye Saint John the Baptist Kabalagala
Makindye Kibuli Muslim Hospital
Makindye Kisugu HC III
Makindye Kiruddu Hospital
Makindye Nsambya Hospital
Makindye Wentz Medical Center
Makindye Hope Clinic Lukuli

Centers in Mukono
Mukono District Land
Seeta COU P.School
Bukerere F Club Land
Kasenge-Mbalala S.
Seeta Nazigo-HCIII
Kojja Community Center
Ntunda CO Primary School
Kasawo T. Center-Agalyawamu
Nakifuma HCIII field
Kalagi-St Peters S.
Kyetume T.
Kisowere P.
Land of Katosi
Nantabulirwa Shopping Center
Church of All Saints of Namataba
Nabalanga-Kabawala School P.
Pearl View Medical Center – Ground Floor
Nsuube C. OR
DFI Ntawo playground
Centers in Wakiso
Gardens of the mayors of Entebbe
Nkumba P.
Sainte-Agnès P.
Masulita Junior
Bananwa P.
Secondary Kitende
Kasanje H.
Lubugumu Umea P.
City of freedom
Wakiso Playground
Kyengera Summit College
Nsangi Primary School
Gombe Junior
Lwadda Primary
Buwambo Kasaawe
St Steven CO U Nansana
Nambolé Stadium
Kiira P.
Wampeewo P.

Vaccines available in NMS stores: 2,976,403 doses

Vaccine and source Doses received / distributed
Moderna of the United States Government 647,080
U.S. Government Pfizer 1,674,270
AztraZeneca from the Belgian government 153,900
Astrazeneca of the French government 501 153
Subtotal available for campaigns 2,976,403

Vaccine and source Doses received / distributed
Astrazeneca of the COVAX 864,000 installation
Astrazeneca from the Indian government 100,000
Astrazeneca of the French government 175 200
Astrazeneca from the Norwegian government 286,080
British Government Astrazeneca 299 520
Chinese government’s Sinovac 300,000
Astrazeneca from the Norwegian government 128,560
Sub-total (March-August) 2,152,840

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