Grand Fort Erie honors student-athletes

Enthusiasm and “positivity” were on the menu when Greater Fort Erie High School closed in 2021-22 with an athletic awards banquet.

In addition to celebrating team success, such as a Southern Ontario Secondary Schools Association championship title in women’s badminton for Hannah Bourdon and Riley Hutton in doubles, and a Zone 3 title in senior women’s basketball, school and team were presented during the meeting at the school.

Athletic director Betsy Oort has called sport “an essential component in getting school life back on track”.

“The buzz around the sports banquet was full of excitement and positivity,” she said. “It was a great way to recognize the hard work and dedication of our student-athletes.”

John Gignac, the Gryphons baseball team’s most valuable player, was also selected as the MVP in an All-Star Game featuring teams from Zones 3 and 4.

Here are the Greater Fort Erie student-athletes who received school and team awards:


Athletes of the year: senior, Hannah Bourdon, female; Patrick Longboat, male; junior, Scarlett Ioanidis, female; Noah Gmoser, male.

Colin Hood Award from the Ontario Federation of School Athletic Associations: Riley Hutton, Isaiah Vernon.

Griffin Spirit Reward: Jack Sutherland, Justine Veltman.

Griffon Coach of the Year: Marianne Borich.


Badminton: senior, Hannah Bourdon, Riley Hutton, most valuable; junior, Chad Phillips, Bo Train, most valuable; novice, Ksenia Rungi-Ruston, the most valuable.

Baseball: John Gignac, the most valuable; Chase Munn, money slugger.

Basketball, boys: senior, Tyson Lewis, most valuable; junior, Noah Gmoser, most valuable.

Basketball, girls: Hannah Bourdon, the most precious; Riley Mueller, the most valuable.

cheerleading: Annie Potestio, the most precious.

Cross country: Lucas Pronik, the most valuable.

Lacrosse in the field: Patrick Longboat, the most valuable; Hidalgo hunter, rookie.

Soccer: senior, Kaiden Craft, most valuable, offense; Torrey Sowden, Most Valuable, defense; junior, Aaron Akharoh, Chad Phillips, most valuable.

Golf: Adam Scarlett, the most valuable.

Hockey, boys: Jonny Pardoe, the most valuable.

Rowing: Mya Denham, the most precious.

Football, boys: Morgan Winstanley, the most valuable; Isaiah Vernon, Fair Play Award.

Soccer, girls: Madison Boone, Chloe Briggs, Most Valuable; Sierra Boone Sportsmanship Award.

Tennis: Noah Groulx, the most precious.

Athletics: senior, Doniyah Soso, the most valuable; junior, Jake Coopman, most valuable; novice, Angel Blackwood, the most valuable.

Volleyball, boys: senior, Kaden Smith, most valuable; junior, Noah Gmoser, most valuable.

Volleyball, girls: senior, Emma Gmoser, most valuable; junior, Courtney Vandermeer, most valuable.

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