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INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Preparing for the unthinkable is what police and public safety officials are doing this week at Greenfield-Central High School. The active shooter training comes just weeks after the tragedy at a Texas elementary school.

At Greenfield-Central High School, police officers strive to learn how to stop active shooters as quickly and effectively as possible.

From Monday through Wednesday, Greenfield police officers will have active shooter training that includes entering hallways and classrooms while pretending to be in an active shooter situation.

“Each year, unfortunately, the more incidents there are, the more we learn about different things,” said Lt. Corey Decker of the Greenfield Police Department.

“We are constantly evolving and changing our tactics, and that happens every year. Something new is being changed, where we basically have to adapt to the situation and adapt our tactics to how we want to go through and clear rooms and buildings,” Decker said.

It is also an opportunity to learn about the layout of the school. The Greenfield-Central Community School Corporation says it’s a partnership to ensure students are as safe as possible. 40 police officers from Greenfield will undergo the training.

“It can be nerve-wracking and a bit heartbreaking to watch an exercise like this happen, and you hope it’s nothing you see on a normal school day,” the principal said. of secondary education in the Greenfield-Central Community. School Corporation, Lori Katz, said.

“However, I’m grateful that we have the opportunity to train and practice, so that if we ever had to in this kind of scenario, we could react and have the best result possible,” Katz said.

To help maintain effective communication, officers strive to line up in a pile as they move around the school and work as a team. They will also learn the best tactics when approaching a staircase with an active shooter nearby. The Greenfield Police Department says these tactics can be used inside other buildings.

“In our house, with ease of communication and flexibility, and a flow to go down a hallway, we use a stack and that allows someone to be able to drive that stack and communicate with the whole element” , Decker said.

“Allowing them to enter space and use it as a training center at any time of the year only benefits our students. It benefits them professionally and makes us all feel safer and better prepared,” Katz said.

The Greenfield-Central Community School Corporation says it will continue to work with police officers to keep their community safe.

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