Guilford County Schools Approve Bonuses for Teachers and Other District Employees

GUILFORD COUNTY, NC (WGHP) – Most Guilford County school workers can expect a pay rise after the education council voted to approve federal funding bonuses on Tuesday night.

All District employees, except Directors and Deputy Directors, will receive a bonus of $ 1,500 for all employees, except Directors and Deputy Directors. Superintendent Dr. Sharon Contreras also recommended an additional $ 500 bonus for the lowest-paid ranked staff in the district.

Through a combination of state and federal funds, teachers could potentially see bonuses totaling $ 4,300 if they meet certain criteria.

For example, teachers who have received training related to COVID-19 will receive an additional $ 1,000 from federal ESSER funds from the state.

As part of the approved budget, board members approved an average 5% increase for teachers over the next two years.

Members of the Guilford County Educators Association have expressed support for the $ 4,000 bonus from relief funding.

“You need to have a certain budget to mitigate learning losses, so we need to have mentoring funds. We need to make sure we have funds for personal protective equipment, PPE, we need to continue funding masks, you heard that last night. So we couldn’t just give all the funds for the bonuses, ”Contreras said on Wednesday.

Teachers and other staff shared their frustration with colleagues choosing their classrooms for higher paying professions.

“With all due respect, I want to share my raise with you so you can see and understand what it does,” a teacher said during Tuesday’s public comment period. “$ 36 is my increase from last year and it will be my gift for the school board. Divide it between you, since I get a 12 month salary, you will always see more than I see each month.

Here is the full breakdown provided by the district:

· Teachers will receive an average increase of 5 percent over the next two years. The budget increases the basic salary scale for teachers by 1.3% at each step, for an average increase of 2.5% each year, including step increases. Deputy directors will receive corresponding increases.

· Managers will receive a 2.5% increase at all levels of the manager’s salary grid this year and next.

Non-certified staff will receive either a 2.5% or $ 13 / hour increase in minimum wage in 2021-2022 and a 2.5% or $ 15 / hour increase in minimum wage in 2022-2023.

· Central office staff will benefit from a 2.5% increase in 2021-2022 and an additional 2.5% increase in 2022-2023.

· Educational support staff will receive an additional $ 350 / month ($ 3,500 per year) for school psychologists, speech language pathologists and audiologists; school counselors will receive $ 100 / month ($ 1,000 annually).

· All full-time employees will receive a one-time bonus of $ 1,000. Employees earning less than $ 75,000 will also receive an additional $ 500.

· Teachers will receive one-time bonuses of $ 300 in lieu of performance bonuses. Performance bonuses will be back in 2022-2023.

· Teachers who have received specific training on COVID-19 will receive an additional $ 1,000 from the state’s federal ESSER funds.

· Managers will receive one-time bonuses of $ 1,800 in lieu of performance bonuses. Performance-based bonuses will be reinstated in the 2022-2023 school year.

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