La Brunante is back and looking for performers

Les Concerts La Nuit sur l’Etang announces the return of La Brunante from May 12 to 15 and offers professional training to young music groups from French Ontario

The Concerts La Nuit sur l’Etang announced the return of La Brunante, from May 12 to 15, 2022.

A Franco-Ontarian organization, La Brunante offers professional training for young music groups from French Ontario and offers professional workshops to performers aged 15 to 30. Performers can be solo artists, school groups or non-school French-language music groups in Ontario.

La Brunante was created in November 1982 by the board of directors of the 10th Night on the Pond. The first edition of La Brunante was sold out at the Auditorium Alphonse-Raymond of the École de langue française. Since 1982, La Brunante has seen a variety of formats and editions, but their goal is always to train and promote young artistic talents. In nearly 40 years of work, more than 400 artists have attended the workshops. Many have pursued professional careers or have become leaders in Francophone communities and organizations across Canada.

Artists are asked to complete the application form available on the organization’s website,, or by email to La Nuit sur l’Etang at [email protected]

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