Loan for probationary staff

A loan for probationary employees should be well thought out.

When you start a new job, a lot of things will change in your life. But you’ll also be waiting for your first paycheck, which can sometimes be quite annoying for your family budget. It can be solved by a loan in the non-banking sector, but you have to meet a few basic parameters. For example, document the last three monthly account statements to show that you “just” changed jobs and are not long-term unemployed.

Simply borrow money online

borrow money online

You will not receive a loan at the bank because the probationary period (and not an indefinite contract) is not a sufficient guarantee of creditworthiness. Of course, this is clear, but in the non-banking sector the situation is slightly different. However, it must be taken into account whether you are at work for the first week when you have been registered with the LO for six months, or if you are moving from one job to another smoothly. In the first case, a payday loan may not be possible. Unfortunately, it is not enough to justify an employment contract as such, but you also need to show that you have a regular income.

The deal is fast, the administration is really minimal

work loan

You do not need a guarantor, nor will the registers of debtors, which is the usual procedure in the bank. If you borrow non-banking, fast action is truly certain. In addition, if you have not taken any microcredit yet, the first free loan is ready for you. In other words, you will receive a 100% discount on your first application, all you have to do is meet the specified condition. This is quite simple, to keep the set repayment schedule without further delay. No explanation of the reason, no confusing conditions. The contract is on a single A4 paper, so it is as transparent as possible. What else could you wish for?

We will give you some advice

work loan

You need to check your provider well first to make sure you make the right choice. And what should you do? We’ll give you some tips to help you get clearer in a short while. There are many offers on the market, but reject those whose…

  • Provider has no Czech address. Headquarters abroad gives rise to some contradiction, it does not sound good.
  • The APRC and interest rate are noticeably different. You will also have the honor of hidden fees.
  • Internet presentation has a lot of sales. Literally, it was from a high school student.
  • Reputation basically does not exist. The provider should have multiple references from a number of clients.

If you follow these points, you definitely can’t make a mistake. In any case, you will narrow your potential selection, making it easier to make decisions. And this is very important! Also, remember that a fair provider does not want to charge any fees in advance, as this would cost you a few hundred dollars. This is definitely not necessary if you are cautious enough!

Availability is high, just proof of income


A loan right on your account is no advertising cliché. On the contrary, it is simply a common reality, above which no one will, in any way, pause. But borrow responsibly, you have to have enough money to pay back, and it must not be far from the first pay in a new job. The maximum repayment term is 28 days, which can be extended for another four weeks, but of course it will not be free. But once there is a similar option, it gives everyone much-needed peace of mind. If you have a delay in the repayment schedule, it will not happen so much – just pay a small fee and extend the maturity for example a week or two, depending on the current need.

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