Local resident brings color to Field and Study Park

Community power has paid off after local resident Aziz Dialo recently came to the rescue at Field and Study Park.

Dialo, who is the owner of the English Access language school based in the Parkmore Park Recreation Center, recently responded to a call from the Friends of Field and Study, which manages the park, to give the gymnasium some color again. of the dinosaur jungle. in the park.

Joy was returned to the dinosaur at Field and Study Park. Photo: Supplied

According to Rose Johnson of Friends of Field and Study, she came to the park one day to find that the dinosaur and many other structures in the park had been painted a drab dark green by the council.

“The dinosaur is the main attraction of Field and Study Park for children with its bright and cheerful colors. A youngster came over and asked me “why does the dinosaur look so sad?” “

English Access language school learners join in the park painting during their break. Photo: Chanté Ho Hip

Dialo, who has run his business at the park’s recreation center for a few years now, said he was more than happy to lend a hand as the park holds a special place in his heart.

Learners who attend the language school also enjoy the park during their breaks.

“The park is our duty, without the park we are nothing, so I had to step in and help Rose and the friends from Field and Study,” said Dialo.

The Dinosaur Jungle Gym at Field and Study Park was unexpectedly painted a dreary green by the council. Photo: Supplied

“Thank you to Mr. Dialo for this generous gesture of extending a helping hand through the fence that separates us,” Johnson concluded.

Details: Friends of Field and Study www.fofs.co.za


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