Madhyamik, upper secondary exams in Bengal expected to be offline in 2022: The Tribune India

Calcutta, October 28

The West Bengal Board of Secondary Examination (WBSE) and the West Bengal Council for Higher Secondary Examination (WBCHSE) have offered to conduct offline exams in 2022.

The WBSE organizes the Madhyamik exam and the WBCHSE is responsible for the upper secondary exam.

The Boards of CBSE and ICSE previously announced the 10th and 12th offline exams, but Boards across India decided to do it in two phases.

Although state councils have yet to officially announce anything, sources from the Education Department have said that the Madhyamik exam is likely to take place in March and the upper secondary exam in April. The boards also offered a single review.

“The All-India councils have offered a two-semester exam, but here the concentration of students is high and therefore it is not possible to hold exams in two semesters,” said an education official.

“We need to reorganize the schools. We will also have to strictly maintain the covid protocol. A draft proposal has been re-detailed all of these things and it is now awaiting approval from Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee.” The Chief Minister had already announced the opening of schools in grades 9 to 12 from November 16, and it is indicative enough that the state government also wants to restart the state’s normal education system.

Sources at the Office of the Chief Minister (CMO) said Banerjee would consider the proposal after returning from Goa at the end of this month.

Last year, the two state councils suspended the two major reviews due to the pandemic situation and opted for an assessment system but this created a lot of confusion. So, this year the boards are trying to take no chances and submit to a proper review.

The Secondary Education Council has given a weighting of 50% each to the marks obtained by the pupils of class 9 and of the internal formative assessment of class 10 and the upper secondary council has decided to separate the theoretical marks into two parts by giving a 40% weighting to the marks obtained in the Madhyamik exam and another 60% weighting to the marks of the subjects of class 11.

In addition to this, students will also get the marks obtained in a practical exam or a project.

However, the respective councils have announced that students will have the option of taking the exam if they are not satisfied with the marks obtained during the assessment, and in this case, those marks will be considered final.

Nearly 20 Lakh students in the state will take the council’s two exams in 2022. IANS

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