Marshall Cavendish refreshes its brand and reserves 60% of its budget for digital

Marshall Cavendish Education plans to go digital and produce more “real people stories” around the world by showcasing its clients through different creative communication channels. They include social media or live sessions.

Catherine Loh, assistant general manager, marketing at Marshall Cavendish, said INTERACTIVE-MARKETING that the company allocated 60% of its marketing budget to digital marketing campaigns this year. In comparison, before the pandemic, only 20% of its budget was used for digital marketing, while the remaining 80% was “consumed by events, travel expenses and other marketing initiatives”, since its main markets are located outside of Singapore.

According to Loh, social media and Google’s search marketing platforms are key touchpoints for the brand to engage with customers in real time. “The ability to tailor and target specific profiles in digital marketing has been beneficial as activities can be measured and optimized to meet our KPIs,” she said.

Marshall Cavendish Education recently received a brand refresh to bring back the joy of learning by simplifying learning experiences for educators and students. The brand refresh comes amid the pandemic, which has changed the aspirations of educators and challenged the traditional way schools operate, Loh said. The company was founded in 1968 and has a presence in over 85 countries, including Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines and Hong Kong.

“We had to rethink how we could align and relate to a post-pandemic learning environment. This sparked our rebranding exercise to bring back the joy of learning amid the disruption,” she added.

According to Loh, the company began its rebranding exercise in June last year and launched its new website on March 16, 2022. The brand’s corporate logo now takes on a more distinctive wordmark and a bubble shape to represent its communication-centric approach. The brand worked with brand and creative agency Refinery for this rebranding and worked with communications agency Fifth Ring for PR, social media and digital marketing.

In addition, the company’s website has been updated with a new modern interface, with simplified content. Popular series from Marshall Cavendish Education such as Marshall Cavendish Education Cambridge Primary and IGCSEand My friends are here! are also complemented by lucid print and digital content suitable for blended learning, he said. Meanwhile, the logo and website of its MCEduHub digital learning center have also been refreshed to personalize the learning experience and make resources more accessible.

She also added that Marshall Cavendish has partnered with EdTech companies around the world to enhance his digital learning center, MCEduHub, and plans to partner with more EdTech companies to improve growth and implementation. technology in education.

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