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By Moore Library Faculty

This fiscal year (FY22), the university administration guillotined the Moore Library material budget by cutting 30%, or $ 300,000. This reduction seriously compromises its ability to support Rider University’s pedagogy and growing curriculum. Last year (FY21) the Moore Library budget was cut by 20%. Instead of a culture of collection development, we have long suffered from a culture of budget cuts at the expense of teaching and learning at Rider University.

Any further cuts will cripple teaching and learning for students. We can no longer afford this road – the cost of the entry ban is too high.

The literature shows that student success and retention correlates with higher library spending and use of library resources (citations are available, but full-text access to the majority of them will disappear with the cuts). Instead of an arbitrary budget cut, Moore Library needs a thoughtful and substantial budget increase to meet the growing needs of current and proposed / planned programs.

When the Moore Library budget faces such drastic cuts, it will affect all university departments and programs. Without adequate funding from our core academic resources, the university fails to meet the educational goals of its vision statement, to adequately support the Information Literacy (v.) Part of the skills and objectives of undergraduate student learning (outcomes) (Article 89, Academic Policy Manual) and to meet Criterion 5b. Middle States Standard III, where accredited institutions offer “a program designed for students to acquire and demonstrate essential skills, including … information literacy.” With an abominably starved material budget, we become a university library in name only. Even the most accomplished educators cannot overcome the lack of resources. In an age of widespread and deliberate disinformation, we need more easily accessible authoritative sources, not less. A sturdy bookcase at Rider is essential!

– Faculty of Moore Library

Originally printed in the 03/11/21 issue.

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