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Sturgis Public Schools staff and board members unveiled a new vision, mission and motto for the district on Monday.

It’s a work in progress, Superintendent Art Ebert said. The board and staff discussed the changes at recent board retreats. Now that they have shared the changes with the public, they will host another retreat where they will discuss the topic further.

The changes presented on Monday:

  • Vision: Maximize the true potential of every student.
  • Mission: Sturgis Public Schools provide rigorous learning environments that are student-centered, strategically collaborative, and taught through a variety of experiences and opportunities. We remove barriers that prevent success and cultivate lifelong learners.
  • Motto: We are for you.

Also on Monday, the board heard from Kelly Dechnik about the St. Joseph County Middle School District General Fund Budget. She said April’s proposed budget shows revenue over expenses of $325,000. This would bring the ISD fund balance to $2.7 million or 27%, she said.

Ray Sterling, SPS’s chief financial officer, also outlined a plan to purchase bus stock for the 2022-23 school year. Two buses the district was considering are sold out, he said. Therefore, the purchase of stock bus recommended.

The board will vote on the ISD budget and bus purchase at their next meeting on May 16.

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