Number of Hong Kong high school students taking college entrance exam hits record high in 2022 – YP

An academic adviser thinks there may be less competition for university places this year as the number of students taking the Hong Kong university entrance exam in April fell to a record low of 50,060.

As of December 16, 2021, there were 43,032 school candidates and 7,032 private candidates registered for the exam – the lowest since the introduction of the high school diploma (DSE) exam in 2012, according to published figures. Tuesday. Compared to last year, the total number of applicants decreased by 3.5%, from 52,131 to 50,060.

Meanwhile, statistics from the Joint University Programs Admissions System (JUPAS) also show that the number of applications to the eight government-funded universities fell to 38,955 applicants from 463 schools. This is the lowest since records began in 2012, when 64,450 students from 516 schools applied to the city’s higher education programs.

The decline in applications can be attributed to the city’s low birth rate, as well as an exodus of nearly 4,500 students and 1,000 teachers who left the city in the past school year.

“The decline in DSE applicants was expected amid the wave of emigration,” said Ng Po-shing, student guidance consultant at Hok Yau Club, adding that fewer applicants would reduce competition for places at the DSE. ‘university.

The drop in DSE applicants can be attributed to the city’s low birth rate, as well as an exodus of nearly 4,500 students who left the city in the last academic year. Photo: Winson Wong

“It’s a matter of supply and demand. Although there are fewer DSE applicants, the number of programs offered by the eight universities remains unchanged. This would therefore facilitate access to university,” he explained.

But still, students must first complete the “3322” requirement – ​​earning at least Level 3 in Chinese and English and at least Level 2 in Mathematics and Liberal Studies – to make the cut.

Ng added that for popular subjects like medicine, competition would still be high, as the number of applications was unlikely to see a significant drop.

Emigration Flight in Hong Kong Schools

This year, 30,046 candidates, or 69.8 percent, applied to take exams in the four compulsory subjects – Chinese language, English language, mathematics and liberal studies, with two subjects to choose from. Only 107 candidates, or 0.2% of students, decided to take four optional subjects at the DSE.

Among the 24 upper secondary category A subjects, integrated science, music and technology and life recorded the lowest number of applicants, with only 85, 170 and 196 students respectively applying for the exams.

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For Category B applied learning subjects, the number of exam takers increased slightly to 3,545 from 3,430 students last year. In addition, more and more students are taking category C subjects in another language, with the number rising from 464 last year to 524 this year.

In view of the coronavirus, this year’s Chinese oral exam has been canceled, along with school-based assessments for 10 subjects, including liberal studies, Chinese literature and English literature. It also adjusted the weight of school-based assessments in subjects such as Chinese and English.

The DSE 2022 written exam will be held from April 22 to May 21, and the results will be released on July 20.

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