Panetta Leadership Seminar to feature John Kelly – Monterey Herald

SEASIDE >> Former White House Chief of Staff General John Kelly and former Secretary of Defense Mark Esper will be among the featured presenters at this year’s Panetta Institute’s annual leadership seminar. week, which brings together student leaders from many California universities.

Now in its 23rd year, the seminar focuses on teaching leadership principles, strategies, and practices to help students become more effective leaders and encourage them to pursue a life of public service. The class includes student body officers from the campuses of California State University and a private university.

The seminar has traditionally brought students to CSU Monterey Bay’s Panetta Institute to hear presentations from experts and leaders in a variety of fields. However, due to security concerns related to COVID-19, the seminar will be held virtually again this year.

“Our recent national student survey revealed that students are deeply concerned about the direction the country is headed,” Institute President Leon Panetta said in a press release. “They are concerned about the economy and their own financial future, but above all they are deeply frustrated with what they perceive as a lack of action and a failure to lead by those in power. This unique student program exposes these young people to leaders from many different backgrounds and experiences. The goal is for students to study from the lessons these people have learned so they can turn their frustration into action and commitment.

Among the presentations students will hear this week:

• John Kelly will speak about leadership within the executive.

• Regarding the conflict in Ukraine and the global rise of autocracy, Mark Esper will discuss leadership when democracies are under attack.

• Former National President and CEO of the NAACP, Ben Jealous, will discuss approaches to racism in American society.

• Award-winning journalists Dan Balz and Carla Marinucci will talk about journalism’s place in civic leadership.

• Mel Mason, Executive Director of The Village Project, and Regina Mason, President of the Monterey Bay Chapter of the NAACP, will speak about leadership development starting at the bottom.

• Chris Dalman, former Super Bowl champion, San Francisco 49er and current manager of the Palma school; and former Philadelphia Eagle and CEO of Boys & Girls Clubs, Ron Johnson will speak about leadership in sports.

• Former Presidential Advisor David Gergen will discuss leadership in education and politics and the importance of lifelong learning skills.

• The President of the Naval Postgraduate School, Ann Rondeau, will speak about leadership in the military.

Students will also participate in a special state budget exercise and attend sessions on cybersecurity and leadership in the justice system.

Students will be required to complete other course work, write reports, and make presentations before receiving three academic credit units and a certificate of completion issued by the Panetta Institute.

CEO and President of the Panetta Institute, Sylvia Panetta, said, “Through this program, we teach student leaders that leadership should be an essential part of their careers and their responsibilities as participants in our democracy.

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