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A moment ! Note the title of the puzzle, “Pardonnez mon français”; The answer is here Yes WILL WIN.

Another entry, please, my favorite of the set: 83-Across, “Answer to ‘What is Roquefort or Brie?’ IS CHEESE.

There are five themed entries left, which reminds me of a joke about kittens in a swim race that didn’t make it into this puzzle (nor a bunch of alternatives, provided for your delight in the builder’s notes of Mr. Baroque). There’s a legal term, a place that evokes Notre Dame Cathedral, an idiom for major destruction, and a weather phenomenon that, in this puzzle, might make you imagine a deluge of corgis.

Enough to make you scream WATER, FOR THE LOVE OF PARADISE!

I’m interested in languages, especially Romance languages, although I’m not fluent in any of them (I still have a reasonable knowledge of Latin from high school and college, and I took two years of Spanish in high school, so I can guess what things mean, but that’s guessing). Stupid puns make me laugh. So here we are with silly puns on a Romance language. I got the idea for the puzzle when I was indicating YES in another puzzle and found “___ are the world”. Not an acceptable clue, of course, but the idea was born.

At the risk of providing too clear a view of the sausage factory, I thought I’d mention some theme entries that didn’t make the cut. TETEOFFENSIVE got the ax out of fear that too few people remember/know about the Tet Offensive. OEILOFFFORTUNE fell due to concern over whether the French word for “eye” is sufficiently well known, an issue that also invalidated the words for “iron” in FERWARNING, “hot” in CHAUDTUNES, and “nose” in NEZSAYERS (I I don’t know how to suspect it anyway). Oh, and then there was my favorite entry that never quite worked out: “Me, laughing devilishly” = MEHAHAHAHA. Water, well. At least I got the “Holy Water” clue in there. I hope people had as much fun solving the puzzle as I had searching for theme entries and doing the build, and I wish everyone a Happy New Year 2022.

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