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MAY 6, 2022 — Editor’s Note: The following message was emailed today by the President Taylor Eightmy To all teachers and staff:

I am writing to share current plans and an updated timeline to refresh UTSA’s strategic plan, originally mentioned in my February 17 email.

I continue to believe, and I hear from many of you, that our 10-year plan has served us well since its inception five years ago. That said, the landscape of higher education has undergone fundamental changes over the past three years. Now is the time to do a thoughtful update to affirm the usefulness of our plan and modify it as needed to serve us for the next five years. It will also allow us to meet the UT system’s requirements for periodic institutional strategic planning updates.

Our strategic plan update will begin this fall and continue into the spring semester of 2023, and will involve participation across the institution and all of our colleges.

Next spring, we will also develop a five-year proforma within the framework and principles of our incentive resource management budget model. The proforma aims to align the university’s projected long-term budget with our strategic plan and initiatives to drive progress toward our goals. As required, our updated strategic plan and five-year proforma will be presented to the UT system and Board of Directors in 2023.

Given the importance of participatory shared governance for our University community, I ask our University Board of Directors to lead the updating of our strategic plan, directly involving the Faculty Senate, the Staff Senate, the SGA and the Council of Department Directors.

My office will provide this effort under the direction of Lisa Jasinsky, our new Senior Director of Strategic Initiatives in the Office of the President. Lisa joins us from Trinity University with extensive experience in managing university-wide participatory planning processes. I will provide a specific charge to the University Board of Directors this fall to kick off the effort. In this process, there will be implicit engagement with all colleges and divisions for ideas and feedback as the updated plan evolves.

Over the summer, my office will develop a website for the strategic plan refresh process and gather information regarding our three destinations, our progress towards them, our university key performance indicators and dashboard, our institutions counterparts and relevant comparative data, and other documents. to support the effort.

This update is important to our journey, and I look forward to working with all of you as the process unfolds.

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