Prime Minister of Tasmania – Achievement of school infrastructure

May 31, 2022

Roger Jaensch, Minister of Education, Children and Youth

Improving learning spaces for pupils is a priority for the Tasmanian Liberal Government and we continue to deliver the state’s largest infrastructure investment for schools through forward estimates in over 20 years.

The Government of Tasmania’s current allocation for capital works is $250m from the forward estimate, including $69.7m for 2022-23.

Our Capital Works program includes exciting new builds in Legana and Brighton, major redevelopments at schools including Penguin District School, Sorell School and Hobart City High School, as well as the construction of six new learning centers for children and families, including East Tamar and Waratah Wynyard. in 2022-23.

The 2022-2023 state budget includes an additional $18 million for educational infrastructure, adding to our significant track record of investing in our schools.

Our government is committing an additional $10 million in 2022-23 (for a total of $12.8 million, including the 2021-22 investment) to improve outdoor learning spaces in schools.

We are also investing $8 million over four years to modernize school electrical panel infrastructure.

This budget is about strengthening Tasmania’s future and that’s why we continue to deliver on our record-breaking infrastructure agenda, build thriving and connected communities, harness our competitive advantages and create more opportunities for Tasmanians in every corner of our state to maintain a robust economy so that we can invest where it matters most.

This budget is about making the priorities of Tasmanians our priorities and that is why we are adding to our significant track record of investing in education.

Our continued investment in educational infrastructure not only brings vital improvements to student learning environments, it also grows Tasmania’s economy through additional jobs during planning and construction.

We are committed to developing projects that ensure schools across the state have high-quality educational facilities that support improved learning and increased student engagement.

For more information on the Education Budget deliverables, visit the Department for Education website –

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