Qatari children help give endangered turtles a second chance

LONDON: Four siblings who are all doctors, or in training to become doctors, from Saudi Arabia have broken the Guinness World Records title for the most awareness ribbons on a car with 5,637 ribbons, it has been reported announced this week.

The ribbons featured 16 different colors, representing the main types of cancers, as the initiative aims to encourage people to get early detection.

Rawan Amir, 28, along with twin brothers Amaar and Baraa, 23, and Muaaz, 17, are siblings in an extended family of seven doctors.

The parents and another sister are also doctors in different fields. The family lost their grandfather to colon cancer and their grandmother to ovarian cancer.

Speaking to Guinness World Records, Amaar Amir said: “If we manage to educate at least one person, we may save a life, which is the biggest deal for us as doctors and medical students. .”

He continued, “Medical students see a lot of suffering in this area. Cancer affects the lives of many people and different types of cancers are possible at different ages. The sooner someone knows, the better. It makes a big difference to survivals.

The four siblings grew up in a well educated environment. Parents bought books, especially on biology, and allowed their children to read them from an early age.

According to Amaar, the medical curriculum is very strong in Saudi Arabia, so most family members have studied in the Kingdom, with some continuing their studies in the United States.

Amaar and Baraa are senior medical students, while Rawan is a cardiology fellow. Their brother Muaaz graduated from high school and applied to medical school. Their older sister is also a fellow in endocrinology, while their mother is head of pathology and finally their father is a consultant nephrologist.

Living in Dhahran in the eastern province of Saudi Arabia, the team used their family car, Toyota Rav 4, for the attempt. They also used 56,370 centimeters of tape and 21,385 cm of double-sided tape, all individually cut by hand to create 10 cm tapes, and placed on the car.

The family’s work and study schedules are usually busy, so they decided to do something special and benefit the community. In ribbons and duct tape, they used six times the height of the Great Pyramid of Giza, all placed on a single SUV family vehicle.

“We wanted to apply to beat a Guinness World Records title because it is the benchmark for providing a platform for talented people and unique achievements. We know that our Nobel cause will reach thousands and potentially millions of people around the world by earning this prestigious certificate,” Amaar added.

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