Rossiya 1 TV broadcasts report on President Ilham Aliyev and Azerbaijan [PHOTO/VIDEO]

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On December 26, the television channel “Rossiya-1” “Vesti Nedeli” [Weekly Highlights] The program broadcast a report on Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev and Azerbaijan as a whole.

Trend presented the report.

Host: On December 24, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev celebrated his 60th birthday. He has been head of state for over 18 years. During this period, Azerbaijan made significant progress in the economic and social fields. Ilham Aliyev himself has acquired great authority on the international scene. The peculiarity of Aliyev’s relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin is that they both keep their words to each other. It is a valuable quality in our time.

President Ilham Aliyev celebrated his birthday in Shusha, a city declared the capital of culture by his own order. There were no official ceremonies with the participation of many people. He spoke briefly on television, thanked for the congratulatory messages and visited a mosque.

Recently, our special envoy Sergey Zenin visited Azerbaijan. Its report is devoted to the “Russian language in Azerbaijan”. In fact, according to a recent study by the AS Pushkin Institute of Russian Language of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Azerbaijan is ahead of other Caucasian republics in terms of education system, occupying a very worthy place in terms of of the prevalence of the great and powerful Russian language.

Correspondent Sergey Zenin sent this report from Baku.

Resident: Greetings from the natives of Baku to the natives of Moscow.

Sergei Zenin: Ancient city. The smell of the sea mixes here with the aroma of fresh bread and thyme tea. It is the heart of Baku, the place of nostalgic feelings.

These streets are built like this. Tourists must stop at this cobbled street, slide and have their photo taken as a souvenir. Because at a time when everyone was feeling good, a famous Soviet film was shot here.

Could you please tell us if people often get it wrong here?

Resident: It happens every day. We are having a lot of fun.

Sergey Zenin: In the past, the inhabitants of a huge country frequented this cobbled street, like Red Square. Where are you from here?

Tourist: We are from Estonia. We are very happy to have finally been able to come to this country.

Sergey Zenin: It’s hard to find middle-aged and older Azerbaijanis who don’t speak Russian. In the capital, this is generally considered bad manners. Several Baku bookstores sell books by Russian classics and modern Russian writers.

Director of the Russian Book House Israfil Ismayilov: The windows of the Russian Book House reflect almost all of central Baku, and it’s actually quite symbolic. Because, as we know, the Word appeared first. The Russian Book House is not only a bookstore, it is also a cultural center for those who respect the Russian language.

Sergey Zenin: The Russian Book House regularly hosts autograph sessions and master classes. Lower level students come here to listen to a well-known writer. Their knowledge of the Russian language begins with a fairy tale, and it should be.

Writer Solmaz Amanova: When I was six years old, I was asked: How many words do you know in Azerbaijani? At that time, I only knew six words. For example, watermelon because we lived with the Russians.

Sergey Zenin: There is an admission competition in Russian-speaking high schools, as well as at the institute. The most famous and prestigious Russian language school is No. 6. President Ilham Aliyev himself studied there.

Gulshan Orujova, Principal of School No.6: Even parents who do not speak Russian want to send their children to the Russian department, because, in their opinion, they may have lost a lot in their life because they did not have not learned Russian well. So now they at least want their children to know Russian.

Sergey Zenin: The situation in the field of higher education is similar. The Russian language gained in authority also thanks to the professors of Moscow. With the support of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, branches of prestigious Moscow universities have been opened in Baku.

Nargiz Pashayeva, rector of the Baku branch of Lomonosov Moscow State University: In my opinion, it is the dream of every scientist and student to communicate with Moscow University.

Sergey Zenin: Educational buildings were built only 12 years ago, but the main goal was achieved during this period. There is the spirit of Moscow State University in these hallways. You cannot confuse it with anything else. Through the efforts of the Rector, the spirit of MSU was brought here with the valuable knowledge. The branch library, books with the names of world-famous authors and renowned scientists. The starting point of knowledge, the place of gathering of forces is right here in this room.

A very rare publication from the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century – Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin. Four volumes, 1855, St. Petersburg. This is a rare publication: “Zarya Vostoka”, April 1870. All of this is available at the Baku branch of Moscow State University. Can you imagine how important this is? How cultures mingle with each other!

Moscow teachers work there on a rotational basis. They are frequently replaced, but this does not affect the training program. Because this question is approached from the point of view of a classical university. It is only for the benefit of the students. They have a unique opportunity to learn from Russian teachers at MSU.

Alexey Romanov, Associate Professor at the MSU Chair of Chemistry: “It develops relations between our countries, creates a reliable basis for cooperation and partnership between states and, in general, allows the establishment of relationships between people ordinary.

Sergey Zenin: The branch of Sechenov Medical University is located in the center of Baku. Rector Aziz Aliyev is professor of medicine and oncologist. He knows what to expect from each student.

Rector Aziz Aliyev: I always tell my students, whether they are surgeons, therapists or radiologists, that a doctor has to learn all his life. Because medicine is developing rapidly.

Sergey Zenin: The system is the same as at the MSU branch. Moscow teachers work in shifts. The students we see listening to a lecture seem to pay attention to every word.

Professor of Sechenov University of Medicine Marina Boychenko: Students ask for everything precisely. Sometimes they ask questions about each letter. They ask questions to find out the truth.

Sergey Zenin: Outside of class, teachers devote their time to tourism. There are a lot of places to visit in Azerbaijan. These vines were planted a few years ago. A delicious organic wine is already produced here. Buyers all over the world are lining up to get it.

We head to the village of Ivanovka, one of the most interesting places in Azerbaijan. The Russians have lived there for centuries – the Molokans who do not accept icons and crosses. But their main book is the Bible.

Sergey Kazakov, pastor of Christian Malakans from the village of Ivanovka: The meaning of our life is exactly this. We take everything we do from here.

Sergey Zenin: The only collective farm in the whole post-Soviet space is located in Ivanovka. The decision to keep its name and not to change the principle of its operation was taken under the chairmanship of Heydar Aliyev.

Chairman of the collective farm Vasily Novoseltsev: We are Russians. Our faith is Molokan. But everyone is a conscientious worker.

Sergey Zenin: Andrey’s ancestors were also cattle ranchers. This art was transmitted to him by his father. He doesn’t want to go to the capital. He is a leading worker on the collective farm. Do you like your job? You are a young boy.

Andrey Kharitonov: We are used to dealing with cattle. Our whole life is associated with cattle. We have taken care of cattle since we were born. There are cattle in every house. Cattle are therefore in our blood.

Sergey Zenin: The food here is uniquely local and natural. The bread is as plentiful as the views. In Soviet times, every collective farm had to have a club. Especially in one with a population of 2,700 people. It is not a club, it is a center of culture.

This is only part of the Ivanovka choir. Before the New Year, many of them went to visit Azerbaijani and Russian friends and relatives. It doesn’t matter your nationality. Everyone has a passport.

Mefodiy Efendiyev, Chief Priest of Archangel Michael Temple in Baku: Everyone lives together. Everyone understands that this country is our common home for Azerbaijani citizens.

Sergey Zenin: The design of the Ivanovka temple is really amazing. After his birth, a Muslim artist converted to Christianity and devoted the rest of his life to designing the Orthodox Church. He died before he finished his job. His friends and relatives continued his work.

Artist Batukhan Hagverdiyev: It was important for him to complete this work. He left a large number of manuscripts and sketches.

Sergey Zenin: Baku is not discouraged despite COVID restrictions. Exhibitions are organized in galleries and cultural centers. Azerbaijan is not only multinational, but also multicultural. They develop it to the maximum here. Today, the Heydar Aliyev Center hosted an exhibition by a contemporary Brazilian artist.

Baku cafes and restaurants offer a variety of wonderful dishes.

Culinary expert Farhad Ashurbayli: In the Middle Ages, Azerbaijan was still located on the Silk Road – the main logistics artery. This is why groceries from all over the world were brought here.

Sergey Zenin: In Icheri Sheher you can walk to any house and in five minutes you will feel right at home.

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