SCBOE shares an update on projects in the Chelsea School Zone

The Shelby County School Board approved an emergency statement for the Chelsea High School Football Stadium press room at the June 23 meeting. Deputy Superintendent of Operations David Calhoun said a recent discovery had been made of water damage issues in the newsroom. Much of the back wall suffered water and construction damage and the roof was reported to be not structurally stable.

After further examination, a 15 foot section of a water damaged wall was removed to expose the existing wall studs, wood floor joists and plywood floor covering.

“There is a large amount of rot and water damage, so much so that there are structural safety issues that need immediate attention,” Calhoun said. “The declaration of emergency that will allow us to act quickly to address these concerns.”

Calhoun said a structural engineer had already assessed some of the damage and determined immediate action was needed. Emergency repairs include replacement of existing wall studs, replacement of dual top plates, replacement of backer plates, replacement of wall sheathing, repair of ceiling joists with sister joists where the end is rot, repair of floor joists with sister joists where rot exists and any other repairs necessary to ensure the structural integrity of the media room and ancillary structures.

Calhoun said the intention was to complete the repairs and get them ready for the football season.

In the architecture and construction report, Facilities Coordinator Barbara Snyder reported on other projects underway at Chelsea schools. A module integration project is underway at Chelsea Middle School due to the need for additional lockers for students. Carpeting will be up and VCT (vinyl composition tiles) will be installed, along with a new ceiling and lockers. The college’s consumer science family room will also get a new VCT [flooring].

As the athletics project continues in high school, the goal is to prepare the college football field to host the blue and white game later this summer, if necessary. A Chelsea resident donates his time and materials to install French drains. The fence project was also completed recently and Snyder said it would be very beneficial, Snyder said.

At Chelsea High School, new VCT [flooring] was installed in several hallways and new HVAC units were delivered last week.

During the superintendent’s report, Dr. Lewis Brooks acknowledged several things that have happened in recent conferences.

At the CLAS (Council for Leaders in Alabama Schools) conference, Larry Haynes of Oak Mountain was named middle school principal of the year for the state, which is a great honor for him.

Brooks said he was also honored that the county was recognized as a beacon school district for reading science.

“We’ve received a lot of great feedback from the state superintendent and colleagues across the state,” Brooks said. “This means a lot to me as District Leader and is certainly a testament to our outstanding teaching team, Dr Lynn Carol, Dr Leah Ann Wood and Debbie Horton and for their work. We have great teachers and great leaders. The things we have been recognized for at the various conferences over the past few weeks are a testament to what we do here in Shelby County, so thank you all.

During the meeting, the SCBOE also approved:

  • Amendment 2 to the budget for the financial year 2022
  • Submission for CNP Produce
  • Revision of the main contract
  • Personal actions
  • Tender for Addition of Classrooms to Calera High School at Kaiser Construction

The next SCBOE meeting will be July 14 at noon at the Shelby County Educational Services Center in Alabaster.

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