School meal menus for the week of November 2 to 8 | Education

School lunch menus for the week of November 2 to 8. Milk and bread are served with each meal.


Tuesday: Beef-a-roni, green beans, carrots, fruit

Wednesday: Hamburger, toddlers, burger salad, fresh fruit

Thusday: Chicken fajitas, pinto beans, salad, pineapple

Friday: Salisbury steak, whipped potatoes, broccoli, fruit

On Monday: Breaded beef patty, whipped potatoes, broccoli, fruit


Tuesday: Crispy taco, pinto beans, fruit

Wednesday: Enchilada casserole, Spanish rice, fruit

Thusday: Winter soup, grilled cheese, fruit

Friday: Barbecue pork sandwich, chips, fruit

On Monday: Chicken strips, mashed potatoes, green beans, fruit


Tuesday: Tacos or hamburger with crispy beef, beans, lettuce, tomatoes, fruit

Wednesday: Chili mac or pepperoni pizza, sweet potatoes, fresh broccoli, fruit

Thusday: Corn or cheeseburger dogs, baked beans, fries, fruit

Friday: Grilled pork chips or cheese pizza, macaroni and cheese, green beans, carrots, fruit

On Monday: Fried pie or pizza with cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, beans, fruit


Tuesday: Spaghetti with zesty meat sauce, roasted zucchini, carrot sticks, fruit slush cup, garlic bread sticks, Rice Krispy mini treats

Wednesday: Restaurant style pizza, cheese broccoli, garden romaine salad, mandarins

Thusday: Beefy nachos, cilantro rice, charro beans, Mexican street corn, fruit granita cup, jalapeño, salsa

Friday: Grilled cheese, tomato soup, ranch cucumber chips, chilled pineapple chunks

On Monday: Crispy golden chicken fillets, mashed potatoes, cream sauce, peas and carrots, chilled apricots


Tuesday: Meatloaf, German potatoes, mixed vegetables, peaches

Wednesday: Chicken fajita tacos, Spanish rice, pinto beans, pineapple chunks

Thusday: Corn dog, potato salad, ranch style beans, mixed fruit

On Monday: Salisbury steak, mashed potatoes, carrots and peas, animal cookies


Tuesday: Chili, cornbread, carrot sticks, pinto beans, fruit

Wednesday: Chicken fillets, mashed potatoes, green beans, fruit

Thusday: Ravioli, broccoli salad, garlic sticks, fruit

Friday: Cheeseburger, side salad, sweet potato fries, fruit

On Monday: Pulled pork submarine, side salad, black peas, fruit


Tuesday: Cheeseburger, fries, salad, apple chips, fresh fruit

Wednesday: Chicken tacos, salad, Spanish rice, ice cream, pieces of pineapple

Thusday: Chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes with sauce, spinach, cookies, fresh fruit

Friday: Chili burrito, corn, salad, fresh fruit, Jell-O

On Monday: Chili crispitos, pinto beans, salad, cookies, orange


Tuesday: Corn or chicken dog spaghetti, green salad, green beans, mixed vegetables, pears with cherries, fresh fruit

Wednesday: Chicken burger or fajitas pocket, sautéed salad, sweet potato fries, steamed carrots, pineapple, fresh fruit, biscuit, red fish

Thusday: Tamales or bean and cheese burrito, green salad, pinto beans, lettuce and tomatoes, peaches, fresh fruit, crackers

Friday: Turkey or turkey wrap and cheese on ciabatta bread, crudités sticks, hamburger salad, fruit cocktail, fresh fruit, crisps, Cheez-its

On Monday: Fried chicken steak on French bread or pizza, green salad, peas, steamed carrots, pears with cherries, fresh fruit


Tuesday: Barbecue meatballs, rice, carrots, applesauce

Wednesday: Fried chicken thigh, mashed potatoes, broccoli, red pears

Thusday: Chicken noodle soup, half grilled cheese, carrots, crackers, peaches

Friday: Barbecue on bread, crisps, mini carrots, banana

On Monday: Chicken spaghetti, green beans, bread stick, tropical fruits

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