Senators call for an increase in the OVP’s budget

Metro Manila (CNN Philippines, September 21) – Senators are pushing to increase the budget for the Vice President’s office next year to at least £ 1 billion, citing the laudable efforts of Vice President Leni Robredo throughout the pandemic.

“If you can give as much as we can, Mr. Chairman. Bitin yung £ 1 billion, ”said Senate Majority Leader Juan Miguel Zubiri.

[Translation: If you can give as much as we can, chairman. ₱1 billion is not enough.]

“Kung pwede pa nating dagdagan, you will have my full support on the ground,” Zubiri added.

[Translation: If we can increase it, you will have my full support in the floor.]

The OVP initially proposed 714.56 million yen for 2022, but the Budget Ministry recommended 713.41 million yen, which is still well below its current budget of 908.79 million yen.

“We are a small office, but it has also taught us to act quickly, to be nimble and to have a sense of what people need,” Robredo stressed while defending his office budget.

“All of this has been possible because we believe in collaboration and maximizing the public funds entrusted to us through partnerships,” she also said.

With the support of the Senate Majority Leader, the Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, Sonny Angara, said the OVP’s budget would not struggle during plenary deliberations and would instead go through a ” Expressway”.

Some of the OVP pandemic response efforts include teleconsultation for COVID-19 and non-COVID patients, COVID-19 testing, assistance to local government units for vaccination, provision of employment and livelihood, distance learning assistance and frontline support.

“Nakita naman natin, vice president napakasipag ng ating (we saw it, our vice president is so hardworking),” Zubiri said. “All she does is go out and continually help our kababayan (the people) and I admire her for that.”

Members of the House of Representatives are also pushing to increase the OVP’s budget for next year.

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