SLC Celebrates National Apprenticeship Week with Darlington Program Announcement

The recruitment campaign is launched during National Apprenticeship Week and the first cohort of successful candidates will begin their 18-month apprenticeship in April.

The apprenticeship program, which will be delivered in conjunction with Darlington College, will offer candidates administrative assistant positions in the pre-assessment department, which is central to the application process for nearly two million new students. and old every year. As well as being supported and developed by colleagues in the organization, apprentices will also spend one day a week at the college for off-the-job training.

Apprentices will follow the learning standard for the relevant role, completing learning outcomes and gaining functional skills leading to a final assessment. Chris Larmer, Executive Director of Business Operations at SLC, said:

At SLC, we are committed to investing in our people and our emerging talent programs are an important part of our human resources strategy. We want our colleagues to have the opportunity to continue their development and improve their skills to advance their careers.

I am thrilled to kick off our recruitment campaign during National Apprenticeship Week and look forward to welcoming 20 new colleagues to our Darlington site. The North East is full of talent and we want to offer young people the chance to unlock their potential and gain a recognized qualification, as well as valuable experience in the workplace.

Claire Turner, Head of Marketing and Engagement for Darlington College, added:

It’s great to recruit a new cohort of apprentices for the Student Loans Company to support their organization. We have a long-standing relationship and it is always inspiring to see how this training, combined with employer support, leads to great careers for our apprentices.

SLC’s Darlington site employs nearly 1,400 employees in a range of functions, including technology, customer service and operations. She currently has 12 colleagues participating in her Emerging Talent programs in the North East, with more than 100 across the company. Apart from its apprenticeship programs, it also offers a graduate/diploma apprenticeship program, a graduate program, and an internship program.

Learning Case Studies

ebony french

Having just started with the Student Loans Company as an apprentice, 19-year-old Ebony French is already seeing the benefits of being on the program.

Ebony is an e-learning apprentice in the organizational development team at Darlington. She said:

I really enjoy working at SLC and the experience of the workplace, as well as the skills I acquire in my apprenticeship, go hand in hand. Everything is in place to help me in my role within the organizational development team.

To be an apprentice, I think it’s really important to ask questions and take advantage of every opportunity to learn something new because it will only benefit you and your future career.

Ebony also has a disability and uses a wheelchair. She added:

SLC has been amazing in making sure I have all the gear I need to allow me to work comfortably. The support from my team and my manager has been incredible as I have settled into my role. I look forward to progressing in the organization and putting the skills and knowledge of my apprenticeship to good use.

Kirsty Downing

Darlington-based Kirsty Downing, 32, was the first SLC apprentice to graduate with a First Class Diploma in Management Practice from Teeside University in 2021. She also completed her Level 5 Diploma from the Chartered Management Institute in leadership and management, alongside its full Chartered Manager Status.

Kirsty joined SLC in 2012 as an Administrative Assistant and has grown within the company, being appointed to a number of operational roles. The Emerging Talent program allowed her to balance her career ambitions with family life so she could work and study at the same time. She enrolled in the degree apprenticeship program in 2018. She said:

I always wanted to get into higher education, expand my skills and knowledge, but having a family meant I couldn’t give up my job to study. Being able to do an apprenticeship allowed me to do both. It’s been a lot of work, but I’m really proud of myself and grateful to SLC for giving me the opportunity to enroll in the program.

After spending her apprenticeship as an operations manager, Kirsty transitioned into a role as an operations support specialist. She added: “I have already been able to apply the skills I learned in my new role. I want to have a significant positive impact on the way we work at SLC and hope that in the future I can move into another leadership focused role.

For more information on the apprenticeship programs, please visit the Darlington College website. And for all the latest vacancies at SLC, including a number of frontline operational positions at Darlington, please visit

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