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PROVIDENCE, RI (AP) – The Rhode Island Council on Elementary and Secondary Education has approved a three-year contract renewal with state education commissioner Angelica Infante-Green, despite her controversial relationship with the teachers of Providence.

“I’m very happy,” Infante-Green told the Providence Journal after Tuesday night’s 5-1 vote. “I am delighted to do the job. We will continue to move forward. “

Council member Colleen Callahan voted against the contract.

Callahan said she wanted to draw attention to the issues that teachers in Providence have raised about a “toxic” climate in the city’s struggling schools.

Infante-Green started in Rhode Island in April 2019 after working in the New York State Department of Education and the state took over Providence schools that summer following a critical report from Johns Hopkins University.

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The state and the union were mired in acrimonious contract negotiations that were settled in July. In March, the union cast a vote of no confidence in Infante-Green after telling hundreds of teachers they would have to re-apply for jobs in the system.

In addition, the Providence school principal, handpicked by Infante-Green, was forced to resign after one of his key administrative workers was accused of patting a minor’s foot in a gymnasium. .

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