UP Assembly prepares to go paperless and organizes a learning session for members

Lucknow: Members of the Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly have appeared eager to learn the basics of the national e-Vidhan (NeVA) application as the legislature has launched a training program for them with the aim to go paperless.

In addition to organizing three orientation program sessions for new members over the past two days, the assembly secretariat organized a special training session for all members, including ministers.

” Do not hesitate. Don’t hesitate to learn. Ask whatever you want to know,” President Satish Mahana said as he presided over the training session at Vidhan Bhawan Hall here on Saturday.

Mahana informed that a NeVA service center has also been set up at the premises of Vidhan Bhawan to train 60 members at the same time. He said the NeVA Service Center will continue to operate during and after the state legislature’s budget session scheduled to begin here on May 23.

As National Computing Center (NIC) teams and others ran from office to office giving lessons in using NeVA, members rose from their seats asking questions and complaining about what that they couldn’t find on their devices. If there were questions about how to view or post questions online, members also wanted to know where they could access the governor’s address, budget speech, or ask additional questions.

When some members started asking about what had not yet been informed, President Satish Mahana asked them to sit down and said, “You are still in 1st standard (learning) and you are asking questions to a doctoral student”.

The NIC teams had started briefing members on how to log in and get the agenda for the day. Further requests were made when instructors told members to use apps such as “my notes” to allow them to get their personal notes on their devices.

BSP MP Uma Shankar Singh pointed out that no app named “my notes” was visible on the device. Surya Pratap Shahi, a cabinet minister, also wanted to know more about using the app.

Since the work of the state legislature is to be gradually dematerialized, the assembly secretariat has made elaborate arrangements. Each member of the house has been assigned an office equipped with the device they are expected to use even to mark attendance and vote electronically, in addition to carrying out day-to-day legislative business in the House.

When members pointed out that the devices had been attached to the House desk and that members needed tablets to send questions online or do other important work, Mahana said he would speak to the business minister parliamentarians and that all new members would receive the devices on the model that they had been given to the deputies of the previous Chamber.

In addition to making the material available online, the assembly secretariat proposes to also provide hard copies during the budget session. Hard copies would be withdrawn at the next session. The state government had presented a paperless budget to the House in 2021-22.


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