“We were shaken deep inside us”

OXFORD, Mich. – The Oxford Community Schools Board of Trustees held its first board meeting since oxford high school shoot.

Four students were killed and seven people were injured in the November 30 shooting. A 15-year-old faces adult charges in this case. His parents have also been charged.

Oxford Schools Superintendent Tim Throne on Tuesday announced he would put his retirement plans on hold.

Throne and other principals met with the media ahead of the school board meeting. You can watch this whole meeting in the video player below.

“Since November 30, everyone in our Wildcat Nation shares and participates in the grieving process. Students, parents, community members, staff, board members, whatever you want. We were deeply moved, ”said Throne. “We are committed to providing emotional support and guidance, not just today, but in the weeks and months to come. I cannot begin to express our gratitude for the outpouring of love that we have seen.

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Throne said their main goal is to share the grieving process and reopen schools. Many officials spoke with their counterparts in other districts where shootings took place. Throne said they had all indicated that the sooner they could get the students back to class, the better.

“I want you to know that we are cooperating fully with the Oakland County Sheriff’s Department as well as the Oakland County District Attorney’s Office. We too want justice and accountability. In fact, one of our core values ​​is responsibility, ”said Throne.

Throne said they will continue to answer all questions. He said they provided all the evidence to investigators. Throne recommends that a third party investigate the shooting.

You can watch the full meeting below:

School leaders speak before the board meeting

Leaders from Oxford Community Schools spoke ahead of the school board’s first meeting since the November 30 shooting.

Here is what was on the program for December 14:

  • 1. Presence

    • President Donnelly

    • Vice President Griffith

    • Secretary Shafer

    • Treasurer Bailey

    • Trustee D’Alessando

    • Fiduciary Foster

    • Hanser Trustee

      • Central office staff:

        • Superintendent Tim Throne

        • Assistant Superintendent of Program and Education Kenneth Weaver

        • Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources David Pass

        • Assistant Superintendent of Business and Operations Sam Barna

        • Assistant Superintendent of Primary Education Anita Qonja-Collins

        • Assistant Superintendent of Student Services Jill Lemond

  • 2. Changes to the board’s agenda

  • 3. Consent program

    • 3.A. November 23, 2021 meeting report

    • 3.B. Minutes of the closed meeting of November 23, 2021

    • 3.C. Invoices payable for December 2021, $ 5,712,930.09.

  • 4. Matters relating to the Board of Education

    • 4.A. Resolution for third party review.

    • 4.B. Chronology of the Superintendent’s search.

    • 4.C. Security Update – Jill Lemond.

  • 5. Finances / operations

  • 6. Unplanned public participation

  • 7. Scheduled activities

  • 8. Clarification

  • 9. Final Board Comments

  • 10. Other

  • 11. Adjournment

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