Which saint would you like to meet?

Browse the photo gallery to see images of saints that Catholic school children would like to meet.

Catholic saints surely watch over all children, but it is Catholic children whose lives are especially enriched by the saints, for it is Catholic children who learn the stories of the saints. Their faith and holiness are timeless models.

That said, which saint would you most like to meet?

The Sentinel surveyed students at Archdiocesan schools and received these thoughtful – and unedited – responses.

“I would like to meet Saint Nicholas because he helped people and worked miracles.”

— Teddy Bernards, fifth grade student at Valley Catholic Elementary School in Beaverton

“I would like to meet Saint Joan of Arc because she is brave and she had a choice to stay home and do chores for her family, but she didn’t. She fought for the French.

— Rose Helton, fifth-grade student at All Saints in northeast Portland

“I would like to meet Saint Gianna Beretta Molla because (1) we share the same first name (2) she was Italian and I’m half Italian and I’m excited to be going to Italy next summer, (3) she was mom and me I love babies and can’t wait to be a mom when I grow up and finally, (4) she was a doctor and I’m interested in becoming a doctor too one day.

— Gianna (Gigi) Hanover, fifth-grade student at Cathedral School in northwest Portland

“I would be interested in meeting San Sebastian because he was very brave and is the patron saint of athletes and I like to play sports.”

— Tristan Bernards, seventh grader at Valley Catholic Middle School

“I would say Saint-Vincent-de-Paul, mainly because I am passionate about helping others and giving back. I’ve done a lot of volunteer work and he’s someone I look up to.

— Malia McKeen, eighth grader at Valley Catholic Middle School

“I would choose to meet Saint Joan of Arc because at my age she had a close connection with God that helped her accomplish great things.”

— Leah Nerenberg, eighth grader at Valley Catholic Middle School

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