With the help of Hendrix Alumni, Apptegy continues its growth trend

Some of the Hendrix graduates who work at the Little Rock startup Apptegy, left to right: Travis Howk ’17, Bob Berardi ’15, Dominique Kelleybrew ’11, Zelda Engeler-Young ’21, Sarah Hyndman ’13, Michala Roberts’ 17, Kathleen Conley ’16, Barrett Goodwin ’17, Will Poff ’11, Anna Holmes ’18, Andrew LeMay ’15, Sydney King ’16 (back), Rachel Elmakiss ’20 (front). / Photo courtesy Apptegy

LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas (July 22, 2022)—As Apptegy grows, and so does the number of Hendrix College graduates working toward the company’s success.

The Little Rock-based educational technology company started in 2015 working with just a handful of beta school districts in Arkansas. Today, he works with and supports more than 2,500 school districts across the United States through Thrillshare, his communications platform that puts school leaders in control of their messaging and the people closest to those stories. to be the storytellers. Thrillshare allows K-12 admins to create news, stories, and media on a single platform, which then distributes the content to linked tools like social media accounts, SMS, voice calls, apps mobiles and websites.

In 2022, Apptegy has nearly two dozen Hendrix alumni among its employees, some who graduated in the 80s and 90s, and others who graduated Hendrix only a few months or a few years ago.
“A Hendrix education doesn’t just happen in the classroom,” says Leigh Lassiter-Counts ’01, director of career services at Hendrix. “Through the Odyssey program and our strong commitment to active and engaged learning, Hendrix graduates enter the world prepared for work…consistently recognized for their flexibility, creativity and spirit of growth.”

What attracts Hendrix graduates to a company like Apptegy? And what drives Apptegy to hire liberal arts graduates?

“At Apptegy, we value thoughtful people who can truly take ownership and responsibility for their work,” says Jeston George, the company’s founder and CEO. “Hendrix challenges his students to think of others and challenge themselves; it is very attractive for fast growing companies.

“Liberal arts is about preparing you to be a lifelong learner – and the curiosity and creative thinking that Hendrix fostered in me were incredibly valuable skills during my time at Apptegy,” Barrett Goodwin said. 17, a major in politics and history. minor who works at Apptegy shortly after graduating. “In a fast-moving startup, you have to be able to adapt and think quickly. Hendrix prepared me for this, no doubt.

Will Poff ’11 agrees. “A liberal arts education, such as that given at Hendrix, helps many graduates learn to think critically, communicate effectively, and approach problems and solutions in a dynamic way,” he said. A classical major/minor in gender studies at Hendrix, Poff now works in sales development for Apptegy, and noted that using the skills he honed at Hendrix in his day-to-day work has enhanced his personal and professional growth. .

Kelsi Stimack ’18, a Hendrix graduate with a major in interdisciplinary studies in entrepreneurial management, says designing her own major prepared her to understand how to solve problems. “It forced me to confront and figure out what skills I would need in the job market, and then figure out how to develop those skills,” she said. “At Apptegy, one of the biggest things they expect from everyone is personal and professional growth. Being able to identify and think intellectually about the things I want to grow, develop a plan, and then execute that’s something I learned from Hendrix.

Though she’s proud of her history degree with a minor in French, 2016 Kathleen Conley says it’s not so much about what someone taught Hendrix, but how he did. learned. “One of the greatest benefits I gained from my training at Hendrix was the development of skills and qualities that are not tied to a single academic field – communication, adaptability and curiosity are the three first ones that come to mind, but there are many more that were fostered by my Hendrix experience,” she said. “Not only did I find myself in a completely different career field from the one I had anticipated as a senior in college, but during my time at Apptegy I also had the opportunity to grow into new roles and responsibilities that never before would have seemed like be options. I believe I am where I am now in large part because of these fundamental skills I developed at Hendrix.

Much like Conley, Michala Roberts ’17 says her Hendrix-acquired ability to see things from multiple angles is working to her advantage now. “On Apptegy’s Client Success team, you must be able to balance your roles as technical support, product expert, customer representative and teammate. Due to the rigorous courses and culture of high expectations at Hendrix , I was ready to work hard, learn quickly, and come up with creative solutions to expected and unexpected situations.Whatever your specialty, Hendrix would set you up to succeed here.

“I strongly believe that it is because of the diversity of skills Hendrix has cultivated alongside the relationships I have forged that have not only prepared me for my role here at Apptegy, but have also enabled me to to feel part of an atmosphere as incredible as this,” said Nathan Painter ’22, who majored in international relations.

Beyond their academic courses, Hendrix students participate in many extracurricular activities. These experiences develop skills such as leadership and time management. “Hendrix prepared me better for Apptegy by helping me perform well under pressure,” said Rachel Elmakiss ’20. “Working on the yearbook has especially helped me learn to balance my own work schedule and be independent.”

Allison Epperson ’22, who majored in sociology and minored in Spanish, sees parallels between Hendrix and Apptegy: Both organizations demand high efficiency and productivity. “Hendrix’s workload and culture is comparable to Apptegy’s because everyone here strives to produce quality work while having fun,” she said.

This culture of high performance and thinking is seen as key to the company’s success. The approach won recognition from Apptegy: it was named one of America’s Top Startup Employers by Forbes in 2020 and 2021, and earned a spot on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing private companies. fast in 2021 and 2022. Apptegy was also featured in Inc. Magazine’s Best Workplaces in 2022, one of 475 companies in the United States to have this recognition.

Apptegy is one of a number of companies hiring in Arkansas, and Hendrix College Career Services offers assistance to current students and alumni considering their employment options. Email the team at [email protected] or visit their section of the College website for more information.

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